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Event DateEvent NameCategory
Wednesday-2/08/23Wine TastingSocial Events
Tuesday-2/21/23Cheers Book ClubSocial Events
Wednesday-3/08/23Wine TastingSocial Events
Tuesday-3/21/23Cheers Book ClubSocial Events
Wednesday-4/12/23Wine TastingSocial Events
Tuesday-4/18/23Cheers Book ClubSocial Events
Wednesday-5/10/23Wine TastingSocial Events
Tuesday-5/16/23Cheers Book ClubSocial Events
Tuesday-6/20/23Cheers Book ClubSocial Events
Tuesday-7/18/23Cheers Book ClubMeetings
Tuesday-8/15/23Cheers Book ClubMeetings
Tuesday-9/19/23Cheers Book ClubMeetings
Tuesday-10/17/23Cheers Book ClubMeetings
Tuesday-11/21/23Cheers Book ClubMeetings
Tuesday-12/19/23Cheers Book ClubMeetings
Tuesday-1/16/24Cheers Book ClubMeetings