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Welcome New and Returning Members
Kathi Agins24726 South Stoney Lake Drive(609) 273-8189B-Day: Aug-13E-Mail: kathipac@hotmail.com
Sue Agnew24615 S. Lakeway Cir SE(602) 619-2600B-Day: May-06E-Mail: suep@wbhsi.net
Maria Aitken10349 E. Cherrywood Ct.(630) 248-6505B-Day: Jun-25E-Mail: ivanmirozach@yahoo.com
Peggy Alexander24417 S. Sunbrook Dr.(480) 883-9873B-Day: Dec-25E-Mail: palexander480@aol.com
Virginia Allen6835 S. Sapphire Way(409) 658-3378B-Day: Oct-15E-Mail: virginiaallen163@gmail.com
Jan Bazzill25234 S Queen Palm Dr(480) 635-2890B-Day: Jan-07E-Mail: jbazzill@msn.com
Betty Becker25662 S. Brentwood Dr.(701) 202-1997B-Day: Jul-22E-Mail: bettyanne1940@gmail.com
June Berg25601 S. Spring Creek Rd.(480) 895-6510B-Day: Feb-06E-Mail: jberg635@aol.com
Wes Bergman24619 S. Golfview Dr.(480) 403-1878B-Day: Sep-18E-Mail: wesbergman18@live.com
Chris Bethany9338 E. Nacoma Dr.(480) 586-7533B-Day: Aug-10E-Mail: ccbeth810@yahoo.com
Lou Blas10922 E. San Tan Blvd.(208) 315-0200B-Day: Dec-27E-Mail: mccall1010@gmail.com
LueVeda Boston9413 Cedar Waxwing Dr(480) 802-4265B-Day: Jan-10E-Mail: LueVedaBoston@gmail.com
Jeanne Brady24913 S Lakewood Dr(602) 403-8593B-Day: Dec-22E-Mail: mukluk43@yahoo.com
Ned Brockman10623 E. Bellflower Dr.(480) 236-3842B-Day: Oct-29E-Mail: ned123@wbhsi.net
Beth Brown9607 E. Arrowvale Dr.(480) 895-7999B-Day: Nov-16E-Mail: mimzyb05@gmail.com
Joanne Brown9529 E Sundune Dr(480) 883-0681B-Day: Dec-21E-Mail: jchismarbrown@gmail.com
Anne Brunick23727 S Illinois Ave(303) 809-5194B-Day: May-23E-Mail: anne.brunick@gmail.com
Charles Budz10425 E Watford Way(480) 802-5669B-Day: Mar-01E-Mail: 00000@00000.com
Bob Bundy25438 S. Truro Dr.(480) 466-4188B-Day: Mar-06E-Mail: cbbundy1@msn.com
Ela Cabral9731E Chestnut Dr(562) 447-7550B-Day: Feb-08E-Mail: elacab1@hotmail.com
Marilyn Capra8947 E. Fairway Blvd.(480) 861-1902B-Day: Jun-14E-Mail: Marilyn_Capra@cheerssingles.org
Barbara Carr10123 E. Elmwood Dr.(480) 510-5760B-Day: Apr-27E-Mail: bc@barbaracarr.com
Larry Cartford10147 E. Elmwood Dr.(920) 915-9174B-Day: Jul-31E-Mail: ladee@vbe.com
Joan Carver9112 E Cactus Ln N(612) 839-0165B-Day: Dec-14E-Mail: jycsunlakes@gmail.com
Anne Cerami10645 E Coopers Hawk Dr(480) 363-8314B-Day: Feb-17E-Mail: atpaulycerami@gmail.com
Kathy Clear10418 E Silvertree Dr(614) 329-0880B-Day: Jul-05E-Mail: kclear200@gmail.com
Judy Cody9000 E. Cooper Hawk Dr.(480) 895-8608B-Day: Dec-05E-Mail: judylcody@gmail.com
Sharon Crouch24911 S Glenburn Dr(913) 428-6366B-Day: Oct-24E-Mail: dstazcrouch@yahoo.com
Patti Curran25606 S Flame Tree Dr(509) 952-7992B-Day: Oct-08E-Mail: pattijcurran@gmail.com
Sharon Dankworth10138 E. Minnesota Ave.(480) 883-2077B-Day: Aug-22E-Mail: Sharon_Dankworth@cheerssingles.org
Craig Dayton24734 S Stoney Lake Dr(480) 940-9696B-Day: Jan-10E-Mail: 76olds98regency@gmail.com
Bob Del Carlo26452 S Pima Pl(928) 301-1401B-Day: Jul-09E-Mail: bobdelcarlo@aol.com
Bill Delaney9513 E. Sunridge Dr.(480) 802-9748B-Day: Aug-17E-Mail: wjdel@wbhsi.net
Carol Delk1793 E Palm Beach Dr(651) 245-2855B-Day: Feb-25E-Mail: delkn@frontiernet.net
Judy DiFrancesco10833 E. Flintlock Dr.(480) 895-2954B-Day: Mar-31E-Mail: judydi@gmail.com
Sherry Dillard10301 E Silvertree Ct(704) 216-1516B-Day: Apr-25E-Mail: dillardsl022@gmail.com
Richard Discher10711 Hercules Drive(847) 533-6281B-Day: Dec-09E-Mail: rhdischer@gmail.com
Renee Donofrio10420 E Cedar Waxwing Ct.(480) 802-2617B-Day: May-23E-Mail: reneedonofrio@comcast.net
Elaine Dover11119 E. Sunnydale Ct.(720) 352-8583B-Day: Oct-01E-Mail: lany@centurylink.net
Isabelle Dunn9138 E Diamond Drive(602) 568-0840B-Day: Jan-02E-Mail: scotdunn5@gmail.com
Molly Edison23700 S Harmony Way(480) 939-4633B-Day: May-28E-Mail: mollyedison@cheers.com
Joyce Ellenbecker25443 S. Spring Creek Dr.(951) 733-4769B-Day: Jul-13E-Mail: Jaellenbecker@gmail.com
Eileen Ellicott10541 E. Navajo Pl.(602) 821-3613B-Day: Sep-11E-Mail: erellico@wbhsi.net
Mary Evans23828 S Rocky Brook Dr(774) 722-4274B-Day: Sep-15E-Mail: evansdj1@aol.com
Stanley Fark10832 E Sunnyvale(480) 226-2090B-Day: Aug-29E-Mail: stanf2@msn.com
MaryAnn Fazio26006 S La Cite Dr.(480) 277-5699B-Day: Mar-19E-Mail: phoenixmaf@yahoo.com
Lisa Fleischmann9010 E Cedar Waxwing Dr(480) 570-8709B-Day: Oct-13E-Mail: lhfleischmann@gmail.com
Martha Foster26613 S. NewTown Dr.(602) 796-7610B-Day: Nov-30E-Mail: mfoster@wbhsi.net
Bobbie Frola10605 E Navajo Pl.(480) 895-3256B-Day: Feb-15E-Mail: bobbief0213@gmail.com
Lee Gehrig9637 E. Arrowvale Dr.(480) 560-3062B-Day: Jan-13E-Mail: leegehrig@gmail.com
Mary Fran Gleason9110 E Coopers Hawk Dr(630) 698-4044B-Day: Sep-01E-Mail: maryfran4244@gmail.com
Jeanne Gransbury24619 s lakeway cir se(480) 961-9137B-Day: Oct-05E-Mail: forejeanne@aol.com
Judie Grasso1446 Celebration Dr.(214) 494-2664B-Day: Jan-20E-Mail: Judygnb@yahoo.com
Sherry Green10553 E Champagne Dr(480) 895-3003B-Day: Jan-13E-Mail: shergreen22@gmail.com
Carolyn Griffis10438 E Michigan(719) 232-9626B-Day: Sep-09E-Mail: rcgriffis05@msn.com
David Hall10018E Michigan Ave(602) 717-2092B-Day: Jul-14E-Mail: davidghall1953@gmail.com
John Hall10605 E Michigan Ave(602) 743-1194B-Day: Oct-28E-Mail: jeah@cox.net
Chloe Hanken24523 S Golfview Dr(602) 315-6889B-Day: Mar-07E-Mail: chloehanken@msn.com
Dan Helgert26658 S. Howard Dr.(414) 915-4252B-Day: Sep-01E-Mail: dshelgert@gmail.com
James “Jim” Henderson26414 S Eastlake Dr(480) 406-4416B-Day: Oct-14E-Mail: jandphender@gmail.com
Charyn Henley10413 E. East Dr.(940) 577-1607B-Day: Mar-22E-Mail: Charyn.henley@gmail.com
Marty Hester9406 E. Cherrywood Dr(352) 400-0100B-Day: Sep-08E-Mail: mhester1694@gmail.com
Wende Hettinger9310 E Cedar Waxwing Dr.(480) 433-2294B-Day: Aug-14E-Mail: w.bunting@yahoo.com
Skip Holman11013 E Spring Creek Rd(206) 406-1803B-Day: May-01E-Mail: skippybob@yahoo.com
Janice Hood9026 E Diamond Dr(480) 250-9140B-Day: Jun-24E-Mail: ksura3@msn.com
Huck Huckemeyer1742 E. Palm Beach Dr.(480) 802-4976B-Day: Mar-11E-Mail: hwhuckemeyer@aol.com
Elaine Isaacson26202 S Flame Tree Dr(605) 366-9119B-Day: Sep-05E-Mail: walleye05@gmail.com
CINDA JAUREGUI9319 E. OLIVE LN N(619) 540-9128B-Day: Sep-19E-Mail: ImCindaj@gmail.com
Pat Johnson10421 E Lambert Dr(480) 580-6304B-Day: Dec-05E-Mail: patjohnsonaz@gmail.com
Connie Johnston10609 E. Hercules Dr.(480) 895-0864B-Day: Sep-21E-Mail: cjohns921@yahoo.com
Darleen Jones9902 E. Crystal Dr.(520) 591-0472B-Day: Jul-17E-Mail: dfjones1933@gmail.com
Adela Kelly8940 E. Lakeview Dr.(617) 872-7121B-Day: Dec-28E-Mail: atkelly999@gmail.com
Fran Kelly26425 S Beach Creek Dr(480) 510-2360B-Day: Oct-01E-Mail: fkellyrocco@gmail.com
Joan Kilmartin26008 S. Saddletree Dr.(602) 882-4463B-Day: May-25E-Mail: kilmartinjoan@gmail.com
Inez Kirscht9901 E. Diamond Dr(480) 802-8394B-Day: Jun-02E-Mail: dmkirscht@aol.com
Ann Kisner10024 E. Diamond Dr.(480) 895-0152B-Day: May-28E-Mail: annkisner1@gmail.com
Ginny Klassen9502 E. Sunridge Dr.(480) 895-5081B-Day: Dec-31E-Mail: ginnyklas6@gmail.com
Jessica Klebanow25449 S Glenburn Dr(489) 729-0999B-Day: Nov-17E-Mail: jklebanow0999@gmail.com
Janet Kornhauser-Hallberg10530 E Spring Creek Rd(480) 234-0556B-Day: Apr-27E-Mail: nyackrose@aol.com
Ed Lamers9305 E. Crystal Dr.(480) 274-3450B-Day: Dec-07E-Mail: hotndryed@gmail.com
Anita Langley24908 S Briarcrest Dr(570) 578-3582B-Day: Nov-29E-Mail: anita@cheers.com
Betty laseau23744 S Vacation Way(480) 262-4147B-Day: Jul-25E-Mail: bnplaseau@gmail.com
Joanie Leckey9118 E. Olive Lane So.(602) 510-5801B-Day: Oct-24E-Mail: iloveaz9@yahoo.com
Suzanne “Sue” LeCount9041 E Sun Lakes Blvd S(480) 687-3652B-Day: Apr-09E-Mail: j_q_lecount@yahoo.com
Rich Lemon10346 E Cherrywood CT(602) 580-3962B-Day: Jan-12E-Mail: richardlemon143@gmail.com
Richard Lewin10636 E. Halley Dr.(609) 332-3915B-Day: Apr-20E-Mail: rlewinbcomgroup@msn.com
Mike Luch26630 S. Eastlake Dr.(480) 802-5371B-Day: Sep-17E-Mail: Mike_Luch@cheerssingles.org
Louis Macca9508 E Riggs RD. A209(480) 743-9577B-Day: Feb-24E-Mail: loumacca2021@outlook.com
Ray Macedo10030 E. Watford Way(480) 802-0313B-Day: Aug-22E-Mail: travelineagle@att.net
Keith Mackenzie8985 E Sun Lakes Blvd(248) 766-9520B-Day: Sep-16E-Mail: called603@gmail.com
Lori Mangel23809 S. Harmony Way(480) 895-2034B-Day: Oct-01E-Mail: liny2az@gmail.com
Jan Manolis9229 E Emerald Dr(626) 818-0149B-Day: Apr-30E-Mail: jmanolis@msn.com
Dee Marie26615 S Flame Tree Dr(360) 265-2065B-Day: Nov-26E-Mail: dmarie@wavecable.com
Ginny Marr5842 S. Amberwood Dr.(480) 390-5145B-Day: Dec-28E-Mail: gmarr37@gmail.com
Victoria Martin25042 S. Angora Ct.(480) 895-8646B-Day: Apr-06E-Mail: vjmariz@aol.com
Avis Mast9430 E. Desert Lake Dr.(480) 646-7621B-Day: Apr-06E-Mail: admx.4119@msn.com
Lani Matsu9301 E Nacoma Dr(720) 341-6655B-Day: Jul-24E-Mail: laniui@yahoo.com
Neda Mead10825 E Regal(602) 980-2029B-Day: Apr-03E-Mail: bnmead@centurylink.net
Karen Melching9824 E. Minnesota Ave.(602) 882-2130B-Day: Oct-17E-Mail: klmelching@gmail.com
Cathy Merritt9611 E. Sunburst Dr.(480) 776-7776B-Day: Dec-16E-Mail: cmerritt1216@yahoo.com
Ruby Meyer26017 South Cleveland Dr(480) 229-3111B-Day: Jan-09E-Mail: Lmeyer829@aol.com
Denise Michele10625 E Coopers Hawk Dr(602) 515-8269B-Day: May-22E-Mail: dmadobe@yahoo.com
MaryAnn Miller6754 S. Bedford Ct.(480) 883-1821B-Day: Nov-09E-Mail: azluvbugs@gmail.com
Ron Moffatt9238 E Cactus Lane South(480) 392-0059B-Day: Mar-09E-Mail: Rmoffatt3942@gmail.com
Mel Moss9704 E Holiday Way(480) 216-6208B-Day: Aug-07E-Mail: dr2eyes1@hotmail.com
Anna Murch24714 S. Mooncrest Dr.(602) 502-8928B-Day: Feb-28E-Mail: annamurch@q.com
Bob Nadarski9606E Nacoma(217) 202-7912B-Day: Jul-14E-Mail: rnadarski1@gmail.com
Ginger Naquin25820 S. Saddletree Dr.(602) 538-7453B-Day: Sep-11E-Mail: vtnaquin@gmail.com
Bea Nekrosius10528E Sonnydale Dr(480) 201-4705B-Day: Apr-11E-Mail: Beanrick1@gmail.com
Sharon O’Brien9032 E. Cooper Hawk Dr.(480) 510-5935B-Day: Sep-08E-Mail: glenard1@aol.com
Mickey Oleszczuk9315 E. Rocky Lake Dr.(480) 895-0836B-Day: May-04E-Mail: mickoles@centurylink.net
Cookie Olinger26006 S Dartford Dr(602) 568-2515B-Day: Feb-02E-Mail: cookienphx@hotmail.com
Richard Oliver9029 E Ohio Ave(480) 687-7347B-Day: Feb-10E-Mail: richlizamber@gmail.com
Gary Ostafin6219 s. White Pl.(480) 250-3129B-Day: May-13E-Mail: gdost@aol.com
Maxine Palmer26004 S. 99th Dr.(480) 802-3639B-Day: Nov-05E-Mail: fm.palmer59@yahoo.com
Nita Pangan10426E Twilight Dr(253) 228-0307B-Day: Dec-04E-Mail: nitapangan@yahoo.com
Luz Stella Perotti10118 E. Minnesota Ave.(480) 895-9715B-Day: Feb-04E-Mail: stella86k35@gmail.com
Donna Peters441 Cedar Dr(928) 499-4896B-Day: Nov-02E-Mail: donnapeters61@gmail.com
Evelyn Pfersdorf274 E. Harmony Way(480) 205-3438B-Day: Apr-13E-Mail: evsundman@gmail.com
Margot Pierce9836 E. Minnesota Ave.(480) 883-0493B-Day: Apr-18E-Mail: Margot_Pierce@cheerssingles.org
Joyce Plachecki26010 S. 99th Dr.(480) 883-8950B-Day: Oct-03E-Mail: joycep6467@gmail.com
Beverly Plimpton9816 E. Stoney Vista Dr.(480) 895-4993B-Day: Mar-22E-Mail: bevplimpton@centurylink.net
Bev Posvar25605 S Spring Creek Rd(602) 397-1447B-Day: May-09E-Mail: BevPosvar@gmail.com
Bary Fanny Przybyhski10907 E Santan Blvd(480) 476-0165B-Day: May-09E-Mail: BFKreitling@gmail.com
Patricia Ray9637 E. Arrowvale Dr.(360) 515-6477B-Day: Apr-12E-Mail: grantrish@icloud.com
Dianna Renfrow24625 S Desert Trail(480) 236-1974B-Day: Mar-01E-Mail: ladydianna978647@aol.com
Neil Ricklefs9406 E. Nacoma Dr.(515) 240-8460B-Day: Feb-21E-Mail: nricklees@aol.com
Barbara Riley10430 S. Regal Rd.(480) 895-2243B-Day: May-24E-Mail: barbrileynono@gmail.com
Sandy Riley25829 S. Brentwood Dr.(352) 250-1311B-Day: Dec-10E-Mail: sandee1004@aol.com
Lorene Roberts10225 Elmwood Dr.(310) 880-4460B-Day: Aug-04E-Mail: lorenecroberts@gmail.com
Ruth ROGOLINO9602 East Minnesota Avenue(330) 518-6855B-Day: May-15E-Mail: rgio7177@gmail.com
Bob Roller9976 E Emerald Dr(239) 595-2341B-Day: Jan-19E-Mail: roller@businessnaples.com
Cindy Roller9976 E Emerald Dr(480) 236-2000B-Day: Jun-03E-Mail: cynthiaroller910@gmail.com
Sue Rowlands10601 E. Voax Dr.(480) 703-4646B-Day: May-23E-Mail: sue60reb@yahoo.com
Ramon Rubio10206 E. Coopers Hawk Dr.(480) 388-6460B-Day: Jan-13E-Mail: gaucho4519@yahoo.com
Bob Russo9611 E Sunburst Dr(480) 266-4550B-Day: Aug-25E-Mail: russo1859@gmail.com
Pearl Ryan25206 S Buttonwood Dr(480) 305-0286B-Day: Dec-18E-Mail: Pearl_R@msn.com
Marjean Scheele24818 S Glenburn DR(480) 415-7873B-Day: Mar-09E-Mail: mjeanschel@aol.com
Janice Schledewitz25014 S Lakeway Dr(763) 548-4897B-Day: Mar-10E-Mail: jgsled@yahoo.com
Sandy Schmalzbach9508 E. Riggs Rd #B319(480) 695-2441B-Day: Jul-11E-Mail: sandybach711@gmail.com
Denny Schulstad9621 East Champagne Drive(952) 927-9822B-Day: Dec-11E-Mail: dennyschulstad@aol.com
Fran Schuring23825 S Serenity Way(480) 883-3425B-Day: Feb-26E-Mail: frnschrng@aol.com
Helen Semple10108 E. Coopers Hawk Dr.(480) 802-8199B-Day: May-21E-Mail: hasemple@gmail.com
Beverly Shaw23623 S Sunny Side Dr(480) 883-3013B-Day: Jan-01E-Mail: shaw.bev@aol.com
Sandy Shepoiser9813 E. Chestnut Dr.(480) 883-7975B-Day: Mar-30E-Mail: shepmilk@aol.com
Donna Smid9531 E. Cochise(480) 338-3464B-Day: Apr-08E-Mail: smiddonna@gmail.com
Rita Smith25641 S. Brentwood Dr.(248) 651-8833B-Day: May-11E-Mail: goksu@msn.com
Carol Stagger26429 S. Brentwood Dr.(419) 310-0029B-Day: Dec-29E-Mail: carol4335@gmail.com
Robert W Stagger26623 Gila Place(614) 266-7411B-Day: Feb-07E-Mail: robertstagger@gmail.com
Anna Stewart25851 S Ontario Dr(970) 342-0318B-Day: May-27E-Mail: stewartbaba@aol.com
Jack Stewart10606 E. Voax Dr.,(480) 773-2987B-Day: Aug-02E-Mail: jack.stewart@cheeerssingles.org
Shirley Still9772 E Tranquility Way(480) 895-9098B-Day: Apr-18E-Mail: 1234@gmail.com
Dennie Sullivan9508 E. Riggs Rd. #307(480) 540-7509B-Day: Aug-04E-Mail: dasully@parksideaz.us
Rose Sumners10416 E. Lambert Dr.(480) 895-5114B-Day: Nov-06E-Mail: wsumners@aol.com
Sharon Susens10050 E. Coopers Hawk Drive(480) 802-4452B-Day: Jan-04E-Mail: sksusens@aol.com
Mary Beth Sutor26611 S. Digswell Court(520) 227-9432B-Day: Sep-08E-Mail: mbsutor@gmail.com
Mary Swanson10231 E. Elmwood Dr(612) 240-3546B-Day: Aug-02E-Mail: maryswanson1941@gmail.com
Mike Swoverland10840 E. Sunnydale Drive(480) 907-4623B-Day: Oct-14E-Mail: mswoverland@yahoo.com
Ann Tarchenski9612 E. Sherwoodw Way(480) 895-6340B-Day: Dec-22E-Mail: tarchenski@msn.com
Joe Terian10641 E. Halley Dr.(480) 540-6051B-Day: Dec-16E-Mail: arizonajt@gmail.com
Marilyn Thomas24631 S Rosewood Dr(480) 802-0694B-Day: Oct-21E-Mail: marithom37@gmail.com
Tom Thomas24118 S Stoney Lake Dr(480) 560-4269B-Day: Feb-17E-Mail: tomthomasartist@q.com
Lois Thornton413 W. Champagne Dr.(602) 697-6446B-Day: Aug-22E-Mail: ljthornton@q.com
Gail Towne24910 S Lakewood Dr(480) 510-6157B-Day: May-12E-Mail: gtowne2017@gmail.com
Jane Townsend24207 S Desert Tr(480) 229-5698B-Day: Apr-15E-Mail: Ltowns3270@gmail.com
Gladys Tuckmantel9517 E Hercules Dr(480) 232-8381B-Day: Nov-17E-Mail: Gladystea2@gmail.com
Carol Turner9643 E Nacoma Dr(785) 224-7949B-Day: Aug-01E-Mail: carolannturner8144@gmail.com
Sheila Undlin24014 S Agate Dr(701) 368-8637B-Day: Jul-23E-Mail: sschoenwald1@aol.com
Misty ValleeP.O. Box 11044(480) 390-3138B-Day: Jan-20E-Mail: Misty_Vallee@cheerssingles.org
Linda Vallino6771 S Granite Dr(208) 371-3486B-Day: Jan-05E-Mail: lindavallino@yahoo.com
Lee Walker23830 S Serenity Way(571) 449-1084B-Day: Jul-22E-Mail: lmwalkernd@icloud.com
Susan Walker9023 E Diamond Dr(714) 338-9019B-Day: Oct-12E-Mail: SLW4343@yahoo.com
LaVerne Walters25402 E Glenburn Dr(480) 802-4880B-Day: Jul-15E-Mail: mswatrmeln@sbcglobal.net
Terry Ward413 W. Champagne Dr.(303) 886-4524B-Day: Jul-27E-Mail: tlwardtlw@q.com
Ron Wasko23611 S. Stoney Path Dr.(248) 895-5113B-Day: Oct-26E-Mail: waskoronald@gmail.com
Leanne Weber5361 S Rockwood Dr(602) 314-7569B-Day: Jun-03E-Mail: golferleanne@gmail.com
Sally Wegryn9322 E. Crystal Dr.(203) 470-0733B-Day: Mar-02E-Mail: bloodybold@gmail.com
Frank Weiss8920 E. Olive Ln.(602) 697-1118B-Day: Jul-12E-Mail: 1weissfrank23@gmail.com
Betsy Wett8820 E Illinois Ave(480) 521-0998B-Day: Mar-25E-Mail: littlebrowngirl1@gmail.com
Bill Wilhelm8924 E Copper Dr(480) 895-8106B-Day: Jul-09E-Mail: wcwilhelm@hotmail.com
Glenda Williamson25630 S. Burnaby Dr(217) 519-1080B-Day: Feb-17E-Mail: glenda@glendawilliamson.com
Lisa Willis10346 E Cherrywood Ct(516) 316-6435B-Day: Mar-04E-Mail: bigbean364@gmail.com
Janice Wipf9910 E Chestnut Dr(480) 895-3807B-Day: Feb-18E-Mail: jwipf@wbhsi.com
Nancy Wray25438 S. Glenburn Dr.(651) 283-1421B-Day: Mar-10E-Mail: njwpicante@gmail.com
Diane Zelinger24513 S. Stoney Lake Ct.(303) 229-2511B-Day: Aug-19E-Mail: d.j.zel@comcast.net
Bernard Zinke24831 Golfview Dr.(480) 895-5575B-Day: Aug-01E-Mail: Bernard_Zinke@cheerssingles.org
Paula Zoccoli9206 E. Emerald Dr.(480) 588-1824B-Day: Oct-31E-Mail: PJZoccoli@aol.com

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